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Kitchen continued:




GFCI countertop receptacles

Spacing so no point on the countertop is >24” from a receptacle.

Countertops ≥ 12” in length require a receptacle. Install GFI 46” AFF to center

Countertops separated by sinks and stoves considered separate countertops.

No face-up receptacles are allowed

Definition of peninsula

Long Dimension >24” and short dimension >12” measured from connecting edge

If ≥ 72” and separating rooms must also have a wall height non-GFCI receptacle installed

GFCI island receptacles

Island requires 1 receptacle no 24” rule

maximum 6” countertop overhang

No more than 12” below countertop or install in backsplash or cabinet above

GFCI peninsula receptacles

Peninsula requires 1 receptacle no 24” rule

No more than 12” below countertop 6” maximum overhang

Switches above the countertop

(between cabinets)

46” AFF to center

Measure from and set cabinets on the same finished floor surface

Light switches not above countertop

51” AFF to center

Microwave plug in receptacle

6” to center of receptacle measured from bottom of cabinet/top of microwave

10” to center of receptacle right or left from center of microwave. Don’t mount in center behind exhaust duct.

Dishwasher connection

32” long Greenfield whip / 1” AFF within center 12” of dishwasher opening

Electric stove connection

Consult manufacturer specifications

Consult manufacturer specifications

Gas stove electric receptacle 110 volt

20” AFF

4” Right or left of center in the stove space

Refrigerator receptacle

46” AFF

Centered in the refrigerator space

Garbage disposal connection

Greenfield whip

Rough length to reach bottom center of the sink where disposal mounts

Garbage disposal switch

46” AFF


46” AFF to center

After the kitchen I continue on, detailing each room in the house: bathroom, bedrooms, laundry room, etc. and then we talk about an often confusing area Stairs and Railings.


Stairs and Railings

(All dimensions shall be exclusive of carpets, rugs and runners)




Stairway width

Clear width of 36” above the handrail

Clear width at handrail not less than 31 ½” when handrail is installed on one side.

27” when handrail is installed on both sides

Stairway landing/platform

Minimum 36” x 36”

Enclosed accessible space under the stairs/platforms to be covered with a minimum ½” drywall

Stairway headroom

Minimum headroom 6’8” measured vertically from a sloped tread line or platform surface

Tread width

Minimum tread width measured from front of the previous stair nosing to the edge of the tread is 10”

All tread widths must be within 3/8” of each other

Thread nosing

Required nosing on all solid riser stairs to be not more than 1 ¼” or less than ¾”. The greatest nosing projection to the least shall not exceed 3/8”

Where treads are minimum of 11” no nosing is required

Riser height

Maximum riser height shall be 7 ¾”

All riser heights must be within 3/8” of each other

Open risers

Open risers are permitted if a 4” diameter sphere cannot pass through opening created by open riser

Dimension Bible Front Cover

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Dimension Bible

Dimension Bible Dimension Bible

Dimension Bible Description #1
"The Dimension Bible for remodelers and DIYers is just that, your Bible. Measurements and dimensions for plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, appliances, carpentry and many more items are outlined in an easy to read format. Also included are formulas to calculate area, volume, unit conversion tables, rafter and header span tables, exterior grading information, and much more. With plenty of room for your own personal notes on every page, this book will be invaluable to you."

Dimension Bible Description #2
The questions that every person who has ever remodeled or built anything has had; “Where do I install this, How high do I mount this, Where does this go, How do I calculate the material needed?” These questions and more just like them have puzzled remodelers and DIYers for ages. Author John Knoelk aka "Contractor John"doesn’t believe these questions should stop you from undertaking your project, or completing it in a professional manner. Building or remodeling a home or a room is something worth accomplishing, and he wants to be there for you every step of the way.
In his new reference book, The Dimension Bible for the Remodeler and Do-it-Yourselfer, John presents readers with an all-inclusive building guide that goes from the inside out of building and remodeling. Whether it is creating that stylish, but functional, kitchen, to how to develop the most practical driveway, John answers every question of the reader through charts, measurements and a general insight in an understandable way. 
“This book is the result of my forty years of remodeling and building experience. While no book can address every measurement for every situation, I believe within these pages you will find the vast majority of measurements, dimensions and formulas to calculate and arrive at the correct answer you will need to complete your project.”
 John approaches discussions of each area of the house in a clear and concise manner, thoroughly explaining each step for the new builder, DIYer, and the seasoned remodeler. As he has seen over his forty years of building, nothing is of greater satisfaction than seeing the project that is drawn on paper actually coming to life right before your eyes. 

Author John Knoelk aka"Contractor John Bio

John Knoelk, aka “Contractor John” has been remodeling in the Chicagoland market for 40 years and building for 20. John worked for a remodeling company right out of high school, and 2 years later formed his own company, never looking back. “Running a successful remodeling and building company is like directing a movie. Each person plays an important part in creating a functional, quality, and appealing product.” John’s experience in remodeling and building single and multi-family homes, remodeling light commercial projects, coupled with extensive project management has equipped him with a unique set of skills.

John was among the first in Chicagoland to earn a CGR and CGB designation from NAHB. He also sat on the Midwest Builders Show Educational Advisory Board and is a past President of the Will Grundy County Home Builders and Associates. Working with local and county officials to pass land use legislation, and the countless hours John volunteers is part of his commitment to give back to the community. John has also served as Co-Coordinator for Damage Assessment for the American Red Cross in the 1990’s.

Contractor John launched his Blog and YouTube channel in 2011 to provide homeowners and DIYers with quality resources. John’s passion at this stage of his career is helping homeowners with unfinished DIY projects or those who have fallen victim to unscrupulous contractors.

What customers have to say about the Dimension Bible

The Dimension Bible is a great resource for us handymen who want to quickly find size & location dimensions and other technical information all in one place.  Look up those dimensions and find quick answers to hundreds of common distance/location questions in this well thought out resource.  Nicely done!
Dale Klinefelter,
Diehard do-it-yourselfer


Dear ContractorJohn.com:  The Dimension Bible is fantastic and so timely.  I've been a renter for a decade but am planning to purchase a fixer-upper house later this year.  I now have a resource to let me accurately plan the design and renovations for bathroom, kitchens, bedrooms and other rooms.  I've already found that the standards and specs contained in the Dimension Bible have allowed me to understand better what contractors are telling me and for me to explain to them what I'd like to have done.  Thanks, Contractor John!!

Pete G.

Williowbrook, IL.

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